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Subject: "Sexual Wellness" is NOT a one-time event:

When men and women struggle with sex, they often pursue a single "fix" without considering their entire system. If you have trouble with your sexual life in any way, or possibly could have difficulties in the future, this new book, Sexual Wellness, is perfect for you...

Just consider this...

Being sexually well is a life-long pursuit... NOT a one-time event.

Your ENTIRE orgasm system is important. One "piece" may be the part that needs attention, but you'll enjoy your best sexual pleasure and best relationships if you consider the whole system...

The "orgasm system" can improve your sense of well-being, creativity, sleep, energy, peace of mind, your feelings, and the person surrounding your orgasm...

Nothing substitutes a private consultation with your physician. But I want this book (Sexual Wellness) to help you and your physician move expertly and quickly into the journey to your best sexual health.

Find ways to improve your sexual health journey -- grab a copy of the new book, Sexual Wellness.

P.S. Get the "Sexual Wellness" book here:

Subject: this deserves your attention

Sex deserves your attention.

Sex is much more than genitals touching genitals. It goes beyond the bedroom...

You can improve your sexual health and vitality at any age... even if sex is already very good. Sexual awareness and wellness can save a strained marriage...

You can enjoy more sexual pleasure -- plus deeper, stronger love relations.

The book "Sexual Wellness" gives specific ideas to make your sex life and your ENTIRE life better. I want to help you expand your view of what sex is. I want to help you on the path to better sexual wellness and deeper relations.

I've assembled the collective advice of seven physicians who understand the most up-to-date science, but ALSO bring expertise and experience in taking care of people seeking to make sex better...

Thinking, talking, and reading about sex is very important for you and for everyone. It should be done much more often than it currently is.

Grab a copy of the book and make your sexual health a priority:

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Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost
Subject: Can we be "honest" for a moment?

Be honest with yourself:

Have you been experiencing sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction, or perhaps sex is not good as it used to be? Again, BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

Don't be afraid to seek help. This is your start to a better quality life.

Sexual wellness is your path to improve your overall health. I know that it’s easy to ignore many warning signs of other minor health problems...

For many men, external signs like sexual performance and stamina still validate their manhood...

Whether you are a man, OR you'd like to relate better to any man in your life... think about this: if your sex life was on the decline, you would be motivated to have a discussion with an expert to get your sex life back into prime condition...

The ultimate goal is to balance your entire mind and body. It's all connected. If you have health problems, you notice it in your sexual function, good or bad.

I'm a co-author in a new book called "Sexual Wellness" and I've written a chapter inside it called "Daily Routines to Improve Sex" -- just for you. Once you give it a look, it will:

Give you ideas of daily routines to improve your sexual function

Focus on a holistic approach for you – heart health, energy, diet, digestion, sleep, and other habits to treat sexual dysfunction

Guide you to determine not only the symptom, but get to the root cause of many of your problems

Encourage you to seek help and lead you to a better quality life

Gently push you to make small habit changes to become happier and feel better holistically

Grab a copy of the book and create a daily routine to achieve a healthier sex life:

P.S. Your desire for better sexual health is my opportunity to create a solid relationship with you based on rapport and trust. I want to give you advice to work on your health in various ways. We can treat more than the symptom. We can get to your root cause of many problems.

Dr. Prabhat Soni
Subject: no sexual wellness without _____

What is your ULTIMATE goal? I'm guessing it involves achieving a greater sense of satisfaction in your life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and SEXUALLY...

What stands in the way of achieving these goals? Possibly POOR QUALITY SLEEP, which affects your daily activities and can impact the state of your sexual wellness.

Clearly, there is a critical connection between sex and sleep.

There is no sexual wellness without good sleep!

Have you heard stories from friends? Or maybe experienced the feeling of fatigue even before sex? It’s disappointing! And what is the worst thing that could happen? Falling asleep while in the act of sexual intercourse...

These troubles may be related to the quality of your sleep. Do not ignore sleep habits or issues. These issues affect not only your health but also your sexual wellness.

Sleep is the biggest and primary issue to be fixed first to enjoy the fullness of life.

Sexual Wellness, a book co-authored by me, will give you:

A handy summary of common factors affecting sleep and sexual wellness

Knowledge of different kinds of sleeping disorders and how to address them

Explanation of how sleep is important to get us at our optimal level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and SEXUALLY

Suggestions to maximize the quality and quantity of your sleep

Enhance the enjoyment of life’s greatest gift: the gift of sexuality

Get ready to improve the quality of your sleep, health, sex, and life in general! Grab a copy of the Sexual Wellness book now:

Dr. Cristyn Watkins
Subject: Regenerative Therapy?

You should enjoy an active sex life. But issues such as erectile dysfunction or low libido can interfere and lead to frustration...

It is not uncommon for men to experience decreased testosterone levels at some point, which often develops into "sex life" problems. On the other hand, nearly half of all women suffer from sexual distress or dysfunction, but most will never consult their doctor. Scary, right?

You do not have to remain stuck where you are. A combination of regenerative treatments can change your life and the life of those who love you...

Sexual health is critical for embracing confidence, intimacy and an overall feeling of sensuality...

If you and your partner could use some help in the bedroom, REGENERATIVE THERAPY might be the answer!

I recently wrote about regenerative therapy in a new book called "Sexual Wellness" -- where I focus on:

Not only treating the problem, but fixing its underlying causes

Improving the health and function of your genitalia by using strategies to improve tissue health

Giving you options on what therapy to choose to improve your sexual health

Showing you synergistic results with Combining Cellular and Regenerative Therapies to improve sexual wellness

If you're ready to reawaken your sex drive and have more enjoyable sexual activity, grab a copy of the Sexual Wellness book...

Dr. Bill Song
Subject: options for you

Think for a moment about how our culture insinuates penis size with so many other things...

A penis is not outwardly visible like breasts of a woman, so why are men so self-conscious about their size?

Why is it so important for some men to have a big penis?

Perhaps someone wants to impress their sexual partner or peers in the locker room...

If you or someone you know is interested in a bigger penis... and it's possible to do it safely, without risking complications, wouldn't you want to look better?

I've written part of a new book called "Sexual Wellness" -- and in it, I provide you information some on factors you might want to consider before having a procedure:

Different options for male penis augmentations

Complications and safety of male penis augmentation procedures

What exactly happens during penis augmentation procedures

FAQs on before, during, and after procedure

This is that "push" you are looking for! Claim your copy of "Sexual Wellness" and discover real treatments that actually work. This may just give you a super-penis that you can be very proud of!

Dr. Dan Botha
Subject: well, this is uncomfortable...

Have you ever felt uncomfortable discussing a very sensitive topic with your physician... even when in private?

Did you know that 80% of men who suffer with Erectile Dysfunction never discuss their problem with a physician?

Men avoid discussing ED not only because of embarrassment, but also because they think there may not be a solution. Some think that ED is not a life-threatening problem, so it does not need attention by their doctors...

In my opinion, there are two ways to treat an issue like erectile dysfunction...

Choice #1... only treat the symptoms. You and I both know this is only temporary and is NOT a good solution long-term...

Choice #2: find the root cause including neurological, vascular, psychological, and hormonal causes!

I'm one of the authors of a book called "Sexual Wellness" and I think you should grab a copy right now:

My chapter in the "Sexual Wellness" book covers...

An understanding of ED for you: its symptoms, underlying root causes, and the treatments perfect for you

Available treatments for ED

Innovative technologies to improve individual treatment strategies

Case studies of successful patients treated with ED

Take this important step. Let me guide you to improve your sexual wellness and health. Grab a copy of the Sexual Wellness book:

Dr. Kimberly L. Evans
Subject: hormone balancing?

Do you experience vaginal dryness? Daytime hot flashes? Laxity of skin? Painful intercourse?

How about fatigue? Irritability? Difficulty sleeping? Low libido, or night sweats?

Do you notice irregular bleeding? Mood swings? PMS symptoms? Headaches, insomnia?

A man or woman without proper hormone balancing might struggle with emotions, sexual relationships, sex drive and overall wellness...

If any of this sounds like you, perhaps it is time to speak to a doctor (soon) about long-term unexplained symptoms, especially those that cause pain, discomfort, or interfere with everyday activities...

However, I understand that seeing a doctor is quite a big leap... or perhaps you want some answers now. That's why I want to let you know that I've written about hormone balancing in a book called "Sexual Wellness" -- where I tell you about:

3 different types of hormones and how to balance them

Signs and symptoms to watch out for to know when hormones need adjusting

Different types of therapies and treatments available for hormone balancing

Simple steps to follow to improve sexual wellness

Successful cases who have undergone hormone balancing

It is easy to "tell you" there's a problem, but if you do not see sex as a problem, you will not act on it...

Before you decide to give up on sex, consider how you feel. What about other areas of your life? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you feel angry? Are you happy with your relationships?

When you feel better overall, your sex drive grows, and your relationships can deepen. Hormone balancing can help reunite and save relationships.

You do not have to suffer. Get a copy of the Sexual Wellness book. Make a change to your sex life and wellness. Things can improve. Let me help you:

Dr. Ramesh Kumar
Subject: nearly all men will experience ______

Prostate cancer. Who really wants to talk about it? And who wants to even think about some of the issues that come along with prostate cancer, like erectile dysfunction?

Almost all men experience some erectile dysfunction the first few months after prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate cancer is not a cause of erectile dysfunction, but treatments for the disease can cause the problem.

When patients (that eventually find me) first hear the news about their diagnosis of prostate cancer from their urologist, they often think or say:

"It's like I was kicked in the balls"

"It hurts so much, not just physically, but emotionally"

"It's as if my manhood has been taken out..."

Can you relate? Have you heard these things from a friend or family member with prostate cancer?

You do not need to feel helpless. It is completely curable!

I go into detail about treatment for sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer in a new book called "Sexual Wellness" and give you information about:

Strategies to help recover full blown sexual function even after being attacked by prostate cancer

Different strategies to improve health when fighting cancer

How prolonged healthy diet and changing daily habits defeats cancer and brings a speedy recovery (including better sex)

Radiation & strategies to kill cancer and save your health

Available options to treat erectile dysfunction following chemotherapy, radiation, or prostate surgery

Get a copy of the Sexual Wellness book and get a full picture of the many options in the aftercare of cancer treatment that are available to you. Get it now, I want to help!