About the Authors
Dr. Charles Runels
The Orgasm System

Dr. Charles Runels developed an innovative approach to sexual health and wellness that made him a sought-after practitioner and lecturer. He has been the featured speaker at seminars throughout the United States. Over the years, he has trained numerous physicians in the areas of cosmetic medicine and sexual health. His academic background includes a B.S. in Chemistry from Birmingham-Southern College and prior to medical school he worked as a product developer and research chemist at Southern Research Institute.

During 20 plus years as a physician, Dr. Runels has become a pioneer in the field of sexual health and wellness. He authored a best-selling sex manual and has contributed to multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications in the field. In the cosmetic world, he designed a new way of using growth factors to rejuvenate the face and breast. and founded the ACCMA. He also participated in and directed clinical trials in diverse areas of medicine and pharmacology.

Dr. Jean Luc Le Provost
Daily Routines to Improve Sex
Dr. Jean Luc Le Provost II from Phoenix Men's Health Center has an extensive background in nutrition, personal training, pharmaceuticals, and alternative medical therapies provides his patients with the most up-to-date knowledge in the world of integrative medicine. His goal is to improve your quality of life and help you live your life to its fullest potential.
Dr. Prabhat Soni
Sleep & Sex
Dr. Prabhat Soni from Soni Medical is an American MD board-certified in eight specialties, including internal medicine, pulmonary, critical care, sleep, obesity, aesthetic and anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Soni was recently featured on Fox News-31 Colorado for his stem-cell miracle on behalf of a critically ill patient dying from Covid-19, but saved through stem-cell therapy that was FDA-approved for emergency compassionate use.
Dr. Cristyn Watkins
Regenerative Therapy

Dr. Cristyn Watkins has been the visionary, owner, and medical director of aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness since 2011, with two locations in Kansas City, Missouri.

She is double board certified in Family Medicine and Functional/Metabolic/Nutrition Medicine. She is a National Trainer for Allergan Aesthetics and CoolSculpting. She is trained in Medical Aesthetics, Laser and Body Contouring, Bio-Identical Hormones, Medical Weight Loss, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Her recent passion in Regenerative Medicine has allowed her to focus a lot of her research and practice on advanced therapies such as Exosomes, Ozone, PRP, Peptides and IV Nutritional Therapy. She is a National Regenerative Medicine Trainer for Nurse Practitioners with RegenEd and is the owner of Regenerative Treatment Centers of Leawood, Kansas.

She has a desire to empower patients to take care of themselves on the inside and the outside with aesthetics, wellness and healthy aging and hopes all of her patients can achieve this lifestyle. She has treated chronic disease, pain, inflammation, autoimmune and immune disorders, weight problems, thyroid conditions, menstrual and hormone issues for over a decade. She has continued her extensive education and training to develop new treatments to overcome these conditions and has been very successful at helping patients achieve a healthier, happier, and younger self!

Dr. Bill Song
Male Augmentation
Dr. Bill Song from Onni Aesthetics is a leading provider of laser and energy-based cosmetic treatments. He is a faculty trainer for the American Cosmetic and Cellular Medicine Association and the Advanced Aesthetics Education Group. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians. He speaks around the country and teaches other doctors from around the world about PRP, stem cell treatments and advanced laser techniques.
Dr. Dan Botha
Peyronie's Disease
Dr. Dan Botha from Dynamic Health Studio has been practicing medicine in Calgary for the past 25 years. In 1983 he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of the Orange Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. With a certification in Age Management Medicine, he has incorporated innovative treatments to improve your health and quality of life.
Dr. Kimberly L. Evans
Hormone Balancing
Dr. Kimberly L. Evans from Sugar Land Medical Spa, based in the Houston, Texas area, is a specialist in women's healthcare, sexual health, and aesthetic treatments. She is a board-certified OB/GYN with nearly 20 years of experience. Recognized as the "female orgasm doctor" for her expertise in resolving sexual dysfunction, she has spent her career helping women and men be healthier, feel sexier, and live happier.
Dr. Ramesh Kumar
Prostate Cancer Recovery
Dr. Ramesh Kumar from LifeWell MD offers his patients unmatched expertise at the practice locations in Port Saint Lucie, Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Dr. Kumar strives to deliver exceptional patient care and believes in the value of holistic, integrative medicine. He is proud to share his skills with patients seeking alternative treatments. Dr. Kumar aims to help his patients find solutions, even if other treatments have failed. He looks forward to helping patients in his community find lasting pain relief and enjoy a more active lifestyle.