Can We Help You On The Path To
Deeper, More Pleasurable Relations
Through Improved Sexual Wellness?

This book provides the wisdom and practical advice of seven separate physicians who not only understand the most up-to-date science of sex but also bring to that science more than 200 years of collective experience in taking care of people seeking to make sex better.

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Each of the following seven contributing authors actively practice medicine (not just talk about it) and have collectively cared for thousands of people both well and not well to help them find better sex and a better life…

1. Dr. Jean Luc Le Provost describes powerful but simple daily routines that can be used to improve overall health in such a way to specifically improve sexual wellness and pleasure.

2. Dr. Prabhat Soni uses his vast experience as a pulmonologist and sleep specialist to show you ways to optimize sleep and why poor sleep can kill your sex life. You need a functioning brain to have sex. But, just as importantly, the pituitary gland is literally attached to that brain, controls all the other glands, and is profoundly affected by sleep.

3. Dr. Cristyn Watkins discusses her personal battles and how out of those battles she became an expert in cellular therapies that improve sexual wellness from the level of tissue and histology. Healthy tissue makes for healthy, fully functioning genitalia.

4. Dr. Bill Song discusses a number of options to help increase the size of the penis—for improved confidence in men and enhanced pleasure for their lovers. Multiple modalities can be used. He helps you sort the options.

5. Dr. Dan Botha discusses extremely helpful new technology that helps with a more exact treatment of erectile dysfunction and of Peyronie’s disease. No more guessing where the problem is or if and how things might be improving after treatment.

6. Dr. Kimberly Evans describes how in her practice of gynecology she improves sexual wellness and pleasure by expertly micromanaging the hormones of women and their partners. Hormones affect the growth and function of every body tissue; so there’s no finding your best sexual wellness without this step.

7. Dr. Ramesh Kumar draws from his decades of experience as a radiation oncologist to describe ways to recover sexual desire, health, and pleasure after cancer—especially after prostate cancer.

Dr. Charles Runels, as producer of the book, and inventor of the Vampire Facelift®, O-Shot®, and P-Shot® procedures, uses his 30 plus years as a physician to build a utilitarian framework on which to organize the wisdom of the above seven authors with his description of systems analysis and how such analysis can be used to better understand orgasm—the Orgasm System.

Good sexual health, like good health in general is not an event where you do one or two things occasionally and all is good for the rest of your life. Wellness, sexual or otherwise, arises with the daily practice of certain behaviors combined with specific modern therapies when things are broken.

Dr. Charles Runels,
Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost,
Dr. Prabhat Soni,
Dr. Cristyn Watkins,
Dr. Bill Song,
Dr. Dan Botha,
Dr. Kimberly Evans,
Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Dr. Charles Runels + 7 Other Medical Doctors Tell You...
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